This set of four short videos, demonstrates a pair of Brenann’s Welding Machine Ventdoors, simulating an underground Ventilation Airlock installation.

They are fitted with Jimbaran Engineering’s System #3 Pneumatic Control System kits including:

  • 2 x JEVDS01-FRAS Machine Ventdoor Control System Kits – to open and close the machine ventdoors
  • 2 x JEVDS02-FRAS Depressurising Slider Cylinder Kits – to open and close the sliding doors to equalise the area between the machine ventdoors
  • 2 x JEVDS05-FRAS Motion Alarm Kits – to sound an audible warning signal any time the machine ventdoors are moving in either direction
  • 1 x JEVDS06-FRAS Interlock System Kit – to lock out the second machine ventdoor from opening anytime the first machine ventdoor is not fully closed to reduce the risk to personal and stop any accidental short circuiting of the ventilation underground.
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man door 1.5mx1m with stand